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Mission 1: Prison BreakoutEdit

You start the game locked in a cell. Go to the toilet and face it press the enter key to search the toilet. You find a knife. Go to the door and pick the lock and proceed to walk down the hall kill all guards, walk up behind one and swing swing swing. You do so by pressing the L key. Do this for all the guards. Exit the hall at the bottom. Once outside go due west. And climb into the hole. You come out in a house in the city of NEER. Talk to the girl in the house to get some real clothes and a pipe. And to complete the mission and unlock the door to the house so you can now free roam Roswell.

Mission 2: The ShackEdit

The girl you talked to tells you about a friend of hers that can fill you in on some details and set you off in the right direction. Head to Roswell City to find her!

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